Overview For Creators (NFT)

Explore the NFT universe with Cryptum
The NFT Market has taken off at such a rapid pace that Cryptum could not be left behind!
If you are an artist, a gallery, a musician, enthusiast or anyone who wants to create a project using NFTs, use NFT tools to issue and manage your tokens.
NFTs are not only for images! You can upload music, audio, video, docs and even other data that you want to tokenize and ethernize on blockchain.

NFT Project on Dashboard

Using the Dashboard, create one or more NFT Projects, connect your favorite wallet(s) and start minting (creating) in the most diverse protocols.
Through the dashboard, you can:
  • import a collection from another platform
  • create one or more collections for each project (organize the way you prefer)
  • issue the NFTs in series or single, for each of the protocols
  • set up royalties for secondary sales (only Solana for now)
  • transfer your NFT to other wallets

Selling your NFTs

If you are going to sell your NFTs on an existing online store, take a look at our plugins and APIs and create a Store project in Cryptum!
If you want to create a unique store for your NFTs, with your branding, go to the Cryptum Storefront section and learn how to publish a store quickly.

Multi Protocol minting

As the core of the Cryptum architecture is integrated with several Protocol options, through the dashboard you can issue NFTs on many blockchains.
This is one of our differentials - on some platforms you find only Ethereum based protocols, on others only Solana. On Cryptum you find them all in the same place:
  • Ethereum
  • Celo
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Avalanche (C-Chain)
  • Solana
  • Polygon

Pricing and Fees

To use Cryptum with NFTs, you will not need a subscription plan. You will only pay the minting fees, for each of the protocols. On subsequent sales through stores managed through Cryptum, a 1% fee will be converted to product maintenance.
Minting fee guidance:
  • Ethereum (EVM) most expensive fees x biggest market;
  • Solana - average to low fees x big market;
  • Polygon (EVM)- low fees x growing fast market;
  • Binance (EVM) - average fees x big market;
  • Celo (EVM) - low fees and fast minting x raising market;
  • Avalanche (EVM)- low fees x raising market;

NFT Storefront - Solana Marketplace

For a complete experience using Cryptum NFTs as a creator, ideally, you must create a custom store to sell your NFTs.
If you want to create an exclusive storefront to sell your NFTs in Solana (more coming soon), Cryptum has a whitelabel solution that allows you to publish your store in a short time.
You, as an administrator, will be able to list your NFTs for sales and auctions. Your customers will be able to connect their wallets and participate in auctions or make direct purchases.
For more information please contact us!
To better understand how to start creating NFTs, visit the page below in the NFTs section.