NFT Storefront

Create your customized NFT Store!
After creating your NFTs in our Dashboard, you will be able to follow the steps you want - either transferring the NFTs or using any platform for selling the tokens...
...but Cryptum has a solution that solves this problem in a few days!
With Cryptum Storefront for Creators, you can create a custom store with your branding and sell your NFTs via auction or instant sales without the need for intermediaries. No more paying high fees for 'open ocean' platforms.
If you already have an online store and you want to integrate the sale of NFTs into it, follow the instructions for creating Store projects in Cryptum - there you can also create your NFTs but the sale will be direct via plugin.

What does Storefront solve?

We create a custom store for you to sell your NFTs. No more third-party platforms.
Cryptum Storefront currently supports the Solana protocol - but there's a lot more to come!
  • We will create your customized store and publish it on a website of Cryptum domains;
  • You will connect an administrative wallet - the same one you will issue your NFTs on our Dashboard;
  • Create auctions or instant sales for each of your NFTs;
  • Make your disclosure and good sales!
To have a Storefront in a few days, contact us: